Install VMware Tools for Linux Distros

icon-linuxWhen you goto install VMware Tools for Linux on a vSphere Hypervisor 5.5 virtual machine you receive this error:

vix error code = 21001
Unable to install VMware Tools. An error occurred while trying to access image file “/usr/lib/vmware/isoimages/linux.iso” needed to install VMware Tools

Here’s the fix:

Download the “VMware Tools CD image for Linux Guest Oses” from:
Rename this to linux.iso
Access your local-datastore via the Datastore Browser within vSphere Client and navigate to .locker/packages
Create directories /5.5.0/vmtools
Upload linux.iso into .locker/packages/5.5.0/vmtools
Retry thats it!


symbolic link exists for /usr/lib/vmware/isoimages -> /productLocker/vmtools
symbolic link broken for /productLocker -> /locker/packages/5.5.0